All Theater Venues

Calendar Color Key

      Drama Theater
      Elementary Theater/ESpace
      Theater Studio (Black Box)
      Gym 1/2 (AV only)
      Riady Performing Arts Center foyer
To book a venue for use:
Feel free to look over the bookings here (  to verify openings and bookings before putting in a request.
Once you have verified an open time, Please use this Theater Booking link to request a date and time for a theater.
If you need the Riady Performing Arts Center foyer as well for a reception, please fill out a second form, as each creates a new calendar event.
Please just go ahead and skip questions to things you don't need. This makes it easier for both of us.
The form (may - still in beta) send an automated response. Once you have received an updated calendar invitation, you may consider your request booked.

Some other basic guidelines:
Events can only be booked with a start time of 8:00 a.m - 8:00 p.m.
Students may not book events by them selves, a teacher supervisor must sign and be accountable for students.