A Test of Strength

Appearing in the Theater Studio, a student SAS Catalyst Project

A Test of Strength: A Self-Portrait through the Portraits of Others

A student created photography exhibit to spread the awareness of the struggles everyday teens go through with mental illness.

Through the portraits of others, I will show personal struggles with mental illness by telling my story. From writing a plot, working with a professional photographer, posing models to recreate real life events, to setting up a walk-through gallery, I portray how thousands of teenagers - like myself - are suffering, struggling to be taken seriously. Combining my passion for photography with the need for awareness of mental illness, shows how it isn’t just a “cry for attention."

Venue: Theater Studio (Black Box)
Daily 15:15 - 18:00
Starting 15 May 2019 through 17 May 2019

Tickets available here.