MS Dance Show

MS Dance is proud to present Just Dance!
We are glad to start opening up the theater again in 2020! For these performances, we will be following NAC guidelines, and opening up only 50 seats. These will be available for students and staff, As we are still unable to host parents on campus yet. These will be approximately 15 minute performances, featuring up to 15 students on each different day. All shows start at 4:00 pm. To enter, you must register for a free ticket via our Eventbrite ticketing links below. We recommend that you use your SAS address for email registration. When you register, you will receive an email from Eventbrite, which contains a PDF of your ticket. You can simply store your ticket PDF on your phone/device, or alternately, you can sign up for the Eventbrite app to show your ticket easily that way. As a last option, you can choose to print the ticket. We prefer to go paperless, so try your device.
Tuesday, November 17 tickets This performance features the Monday dance group.

Wednesday, November 18 tickets This performance features the Tuesday dance group.

Thursday, November 19 tickets This performance features the Wednesday Dance group.

Friday, November 20 tickets This performance features the Thursday dance group.