The Team

Rachel Arksey

Schoolwide Theater Coordinator

Rachel is a well-rounded theater technician and manager with over ten years experience working in many different areas of entertainment, from Fringe Festivals to Art Museums. She has been working in Singapore for the past 4 years, previously at Marina Bay Sands, for the Spectra Light and Water Show, and was the Technical Manager of the ArtScience Museum. She also does volunteering on the side for local theater projects and for the non-profit theater company The Stage Club as their technical production manager.

Paul Koebnick

Assistant Theater Manager

Paul has been working at Singapore American School since 1996 and joined the theater department full time in 2000. He's been happily working on the technical needs for all of the shows and events at SAS. He is also proud to be part of the Technical Theater Club, helped to develop the Technical Theater program, and teaches Stagecraft. He believes that having students to work with stage lighting, sound, video, and staging is an outstanding part of the performing arts at SAS. 

Izwan Asman

Theater Specialist

Izwan is an all rounder theater staff who has been involved in countless number of productions. Be it set building, making props, focusing fixtures, mixing a band, just name it, he has done it. He started off as a sound crew in the Show Company and the Marina Bay Sands Theatres. Notable shows are Reverie: Cirque on Ice, Jersey Boys and Phantom of the Opera. His expertise has lifted up SAS productions to a whole new level of detail and quality. 

Raja Yusuf

Theater Specialist

Raja Yusuf is a technician whom had worked with countless productions be it local or touring. Started his LX journey with working in venues such as The Singapore Repertory Theatre, Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, Drama Theatre, Victoria Theatre, Yale NUS. Not only confined to theatres but also doing events with rental companies. Even in these times of uncertainty, Raja Yusuf is ready to shred!